Supporting racers with quality products at a fair price.


  • Neck Supports

    EVS R4 neck support designed for karting

  • Wheels

    TR2 Excel Wheels, aluminum and chrome-moly axles.

  • Wheel Accessories

    Front and rear wheel hubs, axle and hub bearings, too.

  • Brake Accessories

    We use and recommend MCP master cylinders, rear brakes, rotors and hubs with Hegar 4 front brakes. Our brakes are set up with AN-3 fittings for braided brake lines. Cast or billet calipers and master cylinders are in stock.

  • Brake Lines

    Braided brake lines (41 inch and 24 inch), brake bleeder kits, brake proportioning valve.

  • Collar Locks

    Collar locks for 1-1/4 axles

  • Joes' Racing Products

    Joe’s Racing Products pressure gauges, helmet hooks, quick release, kill switches. XTreme quick adjust clutch levers and Wing T’s

  • Xtreme Wing T.